Paul’s Music Mix

playing guitar


Click here for HAVE A LITTLE FAITH – 8-10pm Sundays (Australian EST) for Yarra Valley FM’s  Gospel & Inspirational mix NEWSFLASH 2020!! While Greg and Alan continue to bring you “Have a Little Faith”  on Yarra Valley FM, the Wallis family has relocated to the Australian Capital Territory. Click on the “Escaping from Eden” page for Paul’s current broadcasting schedule – spoken word, with a different focus! If you’re missing Paul’s music mix, you can sample some of Paul’s favourites right here (Vevo wherever possible) Enjoy…

Just for Your Listening Pleasure

James Brown – Soul-Brother #1 – Godfather of Soul – Chief Minister of Funk

A Gospel & Inspirational Mix

A Trip to the Eighties…

A Little Bit of Jazz…

Some Country Voices…

A Little Bit of Disco…

Donald Fagen – Triple Tutorial

Ben’s Playlist

More Listening Pleasure…(personal playlist – classical, baroque etc)

A Song of Worship – Ben Cleaver, “In You”

A Song of Worship – Ben Cleaver, “You’re Always”

A Song of Worship – Ben Cleaver, “Lord of Grace”

A Song of Worship – Ben Cleaver, “Hide”


Some Tina Turner moments – if you need a lift!

Tina Turner @57 1996 Interviews for her Wildest Dreams Tour

Tina Turner @60 – 1999 “Speak Easy” interview with Jana Lynne-White

Tina Turner @63 – 2002 Interview – Introducing her Retirement Album

Tina Turner @79 going on 80 – 2019 – A Woman for All Seasons.


What do you do when it’s not your audience…?

When your time-slot on the stage is up but the Song hasn’t finished with You!

An Important Soundtrack from When I was Very Young!

No-one who watched this as a child can listen & not be moved by the music

My Dad saw these guys perform live! – Jumpin’ Jive 1943 – Cab Calloway & the Nicholas Brothers (just because they’re that good!)

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