Paul’s Playlist

playing guitar

Through the years it’s been my pleasure to share my playlist on platforms streaming around the world, from Canberra’s 1WAY FM to Yarra Valley FM in Victoria. If you’re missing the sounds of my music mix on air, or just want to enjoy with me what lights my fire musically, you will find some of my favourites, embedded here for my and your listening pleasure (Vevo wherever possible) Enjoy…

Personal Favourites

James Brown





Donald Fagen Tutorials and Steely Dan Playlist

Gospel & Inspirational

My Kids’ Worship Mix

Desert Island Discs

Classical, Baroque, Mediaeval

Ben Cleaver, “In You”

Ben Cleaver, “You’re Always”

Ben Cleaver, “Lord of Grace”

Ben Cleaver, “Hide”


Are you ready for some action? Some Tina moments on stage – if you need a lift!

@46 & @ 57 1996 Interviews for the Private Dancer and Wildest Dreams Tours

@60 – Tina in rehearsal for her One Last Time tour of 2000

@63 – 2002 Interview – Introducing Tina’s Retirement Album

@79, 80 & 82 – 2019-2021 – Tina in Retirement – A Woman for All Seasons.


What do you do when it’s not your audience

When your Time-slot on stage is up but the Song hasn’t finished with You!

An Important Soundtrack from When I was Very Young!

No-one who Watched this as a Child can Listen & not be Moved by the Music

My Dad saw these guys perform live! – Jumpin’ Jive 1943 – Cab Calloway & the Nicholas Brothers (just because they’re that good!)

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