Journeys in Ministry

If the hand of God is in today’s seismic shifts in the landscape of our churches then resistance is futile!  Today’s questions unite believers across the full spectrum of the churches – inherited, micro, simple, organic and emerging. My heart is to serve and not resist whatever God is doing today! As we engage with these questions I believe there are amazing treasures to be found in the roots of our traditions. Such as:

  • The ways of journeying together pioneered by people like Thomas Helwys and the first Baptists…
  • The soul-friendship and co-housing of monastic brothers and sisters like Aidan, Fursa, Hilda and the Celtic missionaries; Benedict, Scholastica and the first Benedictines…
  • The close conversation, “soul work” and redistribution of wealth central to the work of John Wesley and the early Methodists…
  • The radical liberation of grassroots initiative represented by mendicant communities – like those of Francis and Clare of Assisi, or C20th catalysts like Paolo Freire

My personal rule of life, The Simple Rule, is rooted in those values. These are the threads you will find running through all the posts on this website.

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