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The Scars of Eden


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““Paul Anthony Wallis is one of my best colleagues…a very intelligent and clever personality and a brilliant author of books. Paul’s point of view, his way of seeing things, his arguments… and his proofs are enlightening. It will be the new understanding of our world and our religion. Paul has a way of speaking that everyone can understand. I have full respect for him. I absolutely recommend ‘The Scars of Eden.'”

Erich Von Daniken. 

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“This generation’s ‘Chariots of the Gods!’…Paultakes us on a journey that we will never forget. The incredible possibilities of our own existence. Thought provoking”

(George Noory – Coast to Coast AM, Beyond Belief)


“I have sixty to seventy pages of THE SCARS OF EDEN dog-eared because it’s very rich. There is so much to take away from this book. This is a story that is evolving and has a tremendous impact on modern times. I highly encourage people to read it.”

Regina Meredith – GAIA TV.


“Courageous…A new perspective on the creation and engineering of man.”

Sean Stone – Buzzsaw 20/20, Watching the Hawks

Phyllis as we remember her

Paul’s three previous books endorsed by the late, great Phyllis Tickle

(The Divine Hours & Religion Editor – Publishers’ Weekly.)the-new-monastic-front-cover-1 My Dinner with Anton - Cover


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Men Behaving Boldly


10 steps

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