4 Elements Healing

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In life I find it a joy to experience healing for myself and to help others find healing – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. My practice of healing looks to the whole person, respecting the “4 Elements” of Earth, Wind, Fire and Water.

  • Earth – means our nourishment by foods, supplements & grounding in nature
  • Wind – is the life-giving power of breath and conscious breathing
  • Fire – reflects our inner energy and the healing power of heat and light
  • Water – because our bodies comprise 70% water, its health is our health


I draw upon ancient Celtic Christian, Eastern Orthodox, Western Charismatic, contemporary and natural approaches to wholeness and healing. Based in New South Wales (Australia) I make time available every week for healing appointments. You do not have to be a follower of any particular faith or spiritual tradition to benefit from an appointment and experience healing. Browse the 22 Posts below for an overview. 


For FAQs or to Make an Appointment – Click Here

Healing Hands – A Case Study

Healing a Trapped Emotion – A Case Study

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The Healing power of Forests

Health and Weight Management – 10 Personal Lessons.

1) Water

2) Fat

3) Hormones

4) Eat Fresh & Organic

5) Supplements

6) Sleep Well

7) High Intensity Interval Training + Time Under Tension

8) Sunning, Foresting and Earthing

9) Mid-life Adaptations

10) Give Your Body what it needs and You Won’t Have to Stress

Ambient Sounds of the Rainforest for Relaxation

Healing Water – A Case Study


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